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I am working in several projects related to social media, serious games and eHealth in applications areas such as diabetes, sexual health, physical activity and anorexia. My PhD research project is focused on information retrieval for health social media, mainly videos.


2007 - current: PhD Student in Computer Science, University of Tromsø (Norway)

2004 - 2006: Master Computer Science (Ing. Superior Informática), University of Sevilla (Spain)

2001-2004: Bachelor in Computer Science (Ing. Tec. Informática), University of Sevilla (Spain)

Exchange Programs and research visits:

2010: Working in my PhD project at the GroupLens of the University of Minnesota

2010: Indivo Health, University of Harvard-MIT.

2005-2006: Technical University of Valencia (Spain): My studies were focused on Telemedicine and Medical Informatics.

2004: University of Applied Sciences of Stralsund, FH-Stralsund, (Germany): My studies were focused on Medical Informatics and I did my Bachelor Project about Zigbee and Bluetooth for Vital Sign telemonitoring with Prof. Dr. Martin Staemmler.


September 2007 – until now : I am working at NORUT AS in the Tromsø Telemedicine Laboratory.

October 2005 - June 2007 : I worked in the TSB-ITACA research group. There I was involved in R&D in the Group of Technologies for Health and Well-Being (TSB), which is focused on E-Health, E-Inclusion, Life Quality and Health Information.

June 2005 – July 2006: I worked part time in Sadiel S.A in the Health Area of this ICT company. In there I was involved in new projects related with Wireless Medical Sensors and Telemedicine.

Other collaborations

I am advisor in the Diabetes Hands Foundation since 2011

I have been collaborating in several projects with the group IBIME-ITACA and the Robotics & Computer Technology for Rehabilitation Laboratory, University of Sevilla, Spain, http://www.atc.us.es

I have been reviewer in many conferences and journals, such the journals JMIR, BMC Medical Education and the conferences MIE and AMIA Anual Symposium.



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